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Is fire hot or cold? 


You wouldn’t think someone could pull off the perfect headphone, but I believe AIAIAI did. They swirled design, technology, sonics, and durability around and managed to find the perfect balance. The TMA-1 is a magnificent DJ headphone.

I made it a point to delay writing this article, until I got over the visual appeal of the headphones. But, truth be told, I couldn’t find a negative, except that they don’t really fold up much.

Most striking is the design. They are minimal and utilitarian. Not distracting, but definitely eye catching. They are really beautiful. The phones are coated in an almost military grade rubber and are sturdy as can be. You could spill a drink on them, step on an ear-cup and not worry about them breaking. They sit nicely on your head, and don’t cause any fatigue weighing in at 190 grams.

Sonically, they are also pretty great and most noticeably, they are loud. When you compare back to back, you can tell the sensitivity is high and that they slightly accentuate the bass, but it’s almost a perfect balance for playing live.

It’s the little things that count, though. AIAIAI didn’t stop with just providing amazing headphones, the carrying bag is also a work of art. It’s fashioned out of microfiber cloth and netting inside, with a really really large zipper, so you can open and close the bag easily in the dark.

We don’t have any direct affiliation with AIAIAI, we just really like these.

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  1. soxxi
    10:34 am on September 20th, 2010

    you obviously havent peeped the vmoda crossfades yet.

  2. Noël
    4:45 pm on September 20th, 2010

    The vmoda crossfades may be nice phones, but they are extremely fragile. The moving bits in headphones just don’t take abuse well and the crossfades have a lot of them.

  3. Artists Intel New York
    4:46 pm on September 20th, 2010

    I’m a DJ from NY, had these headphones for 6 days and had to return them. They look great, but when you have them on, they aren’t tight enough on the head, you have to press them to your ear to really hear the bass.

  4. Haldan
    2:33 am on September 21st, 2010

    @ Artists Intel NY– I totally like that quality about them! I find that the isolation is amazingly good, even when they aren’t tight on your ears. This makes use as studio monitor headphones possible by preventing outer ear squash. It may just be personal preference, but I can’t stand when headphones are too tight.

  5. Francisco
    1:00 am on September 22nd, 2010

    I have to agree with Artists Intel New York, these headphones are visually atractive. However, the sound is really not that great. They are not tight enough and fall off when djing. To hear the bass you need to press on the earcups and the cable is so heavy it pulls on the left side. My Beats by Dre Solos are better and they cost me less.

  6. Haldan
    6:48 pm on September 22nd, 2010

    My head is just bigger than you guys! haha

  7. dMIT.RY
    11:42 am on September 29th, 2010

    I have them and love em! what u talk about here is just a question fo your head I guess. mine fits just ok

  8. Ron Funk
    11:08 am on October 5th, 2010

    They look good! Seems to be well engineered. I use a pair of HD25 and I enjoy them. I personally think you’ll be better off getting well tested and valued Sennheiser’s.

  9. Noël
    2:24 pm on October 5th, 2010

    I also have the HD25 – these are better. Sonically, isolation, loudness, and looks.

  10. Dan Mowchan
    5:31 pm on October 17th, 2010

    Has anyone used both these and the Beats by Dre Studio headphones?

    I’m curious how the two compare in the sound department. Can anyone help me out?

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