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Is fire hot or cold? 

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Posts by Dev79

Lady – Pussy Be Yankin [uncut video]

By Dev79 | September 3, 2012

Um…”Pussy feels so good, feels like the rubber off, ain’t it?”

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2 Chainz Everywhere

By Dev79 | March 28, 2012

Its obvious that 2 Chainz (formerly Tity Boi of Playaz Circle) is absolutely everywhere with everyone at the moment. With his kooky flow he’s definitely one of the hottest rappers in the game currently. So I figured I’d share some of the freshness from this week with ya’ll.

Along with the announcement that August 14th will be the release date for his debut solo album, 2 Chainz just dropped another video from his scorching T.R.U. Realigion mixtape, featuring Philly’s finest Meek Mill.

DJ Paul (of 36 Mafia) has unleashed a remix of latest single “Cocky” featuring 2 Chainz on a guest verse. Look for this joint to be apart of DJ Paul’s For I Have Sinned mixtape, which will hit streets on 4/19. The lyrics on this one are some of the finer literary statements I’ve heard this year.

And to wrap it up, my man Tony Goods just let loose a bootleg club remix of Nicki Minaj’s latest “Beez In The Trap” which, of course, features 2 Chainz. When it hits 1000 plays he’s gonna give ya a free download.

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Gilbere Forte – Some Dreams Never Sleep

By Dev79 | November 1, 2011

The Hundreds dropped this free 11 tracks release from Gilbere Forte last month and I been listening to it a bunch over the last couple days. I’m really feelin’ it! Depsite a few weird moments (heavy metal guitars never belong in rap joints) this release comes really strong. Lots of nice guest appearances by the likes of Droop-E , Maluca, Bun B, Big KRIT and many more. Grab it, bump that shit and look out for the upcoming video for “Hot” featuring Jim Jones and Pusha T.

Download Gilbere Forte – Some Dreams Never Sleep here:

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Karizma – Bad Boy (Produced by Starkey) Video

By Dev79 | October 13, 2011

Faolan Jones and Junglewire Productions whipped up this real slick video for Karizma’s latest single! Some of you may recognize these lyrics from Karizma’s 10/10 mixtape a minute back, where he spit over Starkey’s “Holodeck.” Now this is the official version with an all new beat cooked up. Look for the single to drop on Bad Mannerz in late November.

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Ms. Dynamite x Lioness x Amplify Dot x Lady Leshurr – Neva Soft (Remix)

By Dev79 | September 12, 2011

Hot damn, this video is serious fire. Check out some of the finest ladies in the grime game tear it up!

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Shystie – Blue Magic

By Dev79 | August 9, 2011

Shystie is the og queen of grime. I still remember the first time I heard her female response track to Dizzee’s “I Luv U” – classic shit. And now all these years later she is still pumpin’ out the heat and is as vital as ever. Just a few months after her last mixtape she is back with another monster, presented by the Pirates. Featuring guest spots by Frisco, Ruby Blu, Bounty Killer and more, this tape is heavily grime but rap and r&b are sprinkled in as well. “Fire” featuring JME and Double S is one of my favorite tracks, check it out and then grab the whole thing!

Shystie – Fire ft Double S & JME

Grab the full mixtape here:

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DaQuan & RX present The W.A.R.

By Dev79 | July 10, 2011

These cats have cooked up a quirky little 8 track album, coined “Warrior Art Rebel.” I feel like this is what it would sound like if Andre 3000′s cousin recorded a rap dubstep crossover project in a spaceship hovering above Jamaica. Lots of flavors are melded into one here, check it out if your looking for some vocal oriented bass music pushing into new ground! DaQuan and RX independently released this album on their Bandcamp page this past week, go grab it.

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Street Bass Bootlegs!

By Dev79 | June 29, 2011

Ok you’re gonna have to excuse me as I’m gonna toot my own horn for a minute… Myself and Seclusiasis just recently dropped an 18 track mixtape compilation that I think deserves your attention! Street Bass Bootlegs contains fire from producers such as Starkey, BD1982, Knight Riderz, 6Blocc, Proper Villains, Siyoung and more. These are un-mixed full songs! Expect influences from all realms of bass music (including rap, dubstep, tropical, dancehall, grime, juke and more) smashed and reconfigured for your optimal enjoyment. This is the warm up, as Street Bass Anthems Vol. 5 is coming later this Summer!

Download the full 18 track zip file at these spots:

Dev79 presents Street Bass Bootlegs – Sendspace

Dev79 presents Street Bass Bootlegs – Megaupload

You can also stream and download all the tracks here:

04 Gorilla Zoe ft Lil Jon – Twisted (Dev79 Remix) by Street Bass Bootlegs

01 Aaliyah – If Your Girl Only Knew (BD1982 Remix) by Street Bass Bootlegs

05 Knight Riderz – Moon Booty by Street Bass Bootlegs

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Scorcher – Audio Wave

By Dev79 | June 18, 2011

Scorcher’s fresh new mixtape is slick with it! On “Audio Wave” he’s presented a nice melding of grime, hip-hop and r&b crossover. Two standouts are the ultra raw “96 Bars of Revenge” and “League of Our Own” where Scorcher teams up with fellow UK talent, Sadie Ama and Mercston to create a catchy yet stompin’ tune. If you like what your hearing than grab the full 11 track tape here.

Scorcher – League Of Our Own ft Sadie Ama & Mercston

Scorcher – 96 Bars Of Revenge

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James Drake Mixtape

By Dev79 | June 16, 2011

I been meaning to drop some Philly love for a minute now. And I guess a hung over morning is the perfect time. My mans Bombé teams up with Mr. Caribbean to give you this mash-up mixtape that is one of the freshest things on the interwebs right now. Drake plus James Blake, simple yet awesome. Grab it.

James Drake Mixtape – Bombé & Mr. Caribbean by Bombé

Bombé & Mr. Caribbean – James Drake (Download mixed / un-mixed versions in zip file)

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Kastle ‘Time Traveler’ EP plus 12″ Giveaway!

By Dev79 | May 27, 2011

kastle ep cover

My boy Starkey and I run this label called Seclusiasis and we like to drop music that we think is fire. Pittsburgh’s Kastle (aka Palms Out own B. Rich) has been smashing it with his fresh take on bass music; taking elements of r&b, garage, dubstep and house to fuse his own unique style. Seclusiasis is proud to present Kastle’s highly anticipated debut EP, Time Traveler, which is sure to make you excited and sweaty when released on 12″ and digital. Check the Soundcloud streams below!

On Monday May 30th you can grab the heat from Juno Download exclusively, then June 6th it’ll be everywhere in vinyl shops and iTunes, Beatport, Boomkat, etc. Plus if you’re in the NY area, we are doing a Record Release Party at Public Assembly in Brooklyn on Wednesday June 8th featuring Kastle, myself and the legendary Todd Edwards!

Kastle – Time Traveler by Seclusiasis

Kastle – Bring Me Back by Seclusiasis

Now for the giveaway – we have a white label 12″ test pressing of the Time Traveler EP and we want to hook up a Palms Out reader with it! Here’s the trivia question: Kastle recently started a DJ mix series called “Coffee Shop At The End Of The Universe,” the first person to tell us what novel that title is a reference to, will win the 12″ and the 2nd and 3rd people to answer correctly will win a promo CD of the Time Traveler EP! Be quick and send your answers to

This could be yours!

test 12

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Mr. Ghetto – Walmart (Joe With Da Dreads Mix 2011)

By Dev79 | May 25, 2011

This might be the best song I have ever heard, coupled with the best video I have ever seen. Booty dancing in a shopping cart? Groundbreaking. My favorite lyric is “she’s buying Summer’s Eve, she’s buying Massengill, she keeps her body clean.” Watch this video immediately, pick up ya jaw and download the tune.

Mr. Ghetto – “Walmart” (Joe With Da Dreads Mix 2011)

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DJ Webstar ft. Nicki Minaj – Bought The Bar

By Dev79 | May 13, 2011

Wow, this is fucking heat! Fresh on the streets today, and as soon as I heard it I said to myself “I have to blog this shit!” Ricky Blaze produced a serious club anthem and Nicki and Webstar set it off proper for you to get ya stankface on while ya bounce around.

DJ Webstar ft. Nicki Minaj – “Bought The Bar”

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Ninjasonik & Spank Rock – Global (Cobra Krames Remix)

By Dev79 | May 4, 2011

My mans Krames hit me off with this fresh remix of the Ninjasonik & Spank Rock collabo and I thought my Palms Out peoples needed it in their lives. Dig in. And look out for a slew of Cobra Krames productions to be hittin’ ya this summer, including an EP with MCs Spoek Mathambo & Cerbral Vortex on Little Owl Records.

Ninja sonik & Spank Rock – “Global” (Cobra Krames Remix)

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Duece Poppi ft. Rick Ross – Git Paid

By Dev79 | April 26, 2011

WTF, this beat is sick! I haven’t heard a joint from Duece Poppi in a minute, but I’m psyched to be feeling this one featuring The DeadBeatz on the buttons and Rozay on a verse. Be on the lookout for Poppi’s upcoming EP, Pope of Dope.

Duece Poppi ft. Rick Ross – “Git Paid”

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