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Posts by Stu-E

DJ Food

By Stuart | July 11, 2012

“Paul and Jeremy both knew they would be fighting over Shelley later.  For now the only thing compelling them to work together was the overwhelming urgency to get her somewhere safe, where they could hide her from her mother and sisters, and the world’s prying eyes.”

artwork by Patrick Turk

DJ Food 5 Zipped Up. [117mb zipfile]

Lil Wayne – “Nightmares of the Bottom” (LOL Boys Edit)

Ninjasonik – “Somebody Gonna Get Pregnant” (Machinedrum Remix)

Chaos In The CBD – “Cause You’re Worth It”

Q-Tip – “Work It Out” (Disclosure Booty Call Edit)

Vin Sol – “The Bender”

5kinAndBone5 & Robert Jeffrey – “Penis Power” (ƱZxLOLGURLZ Remix)

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony – “Thuggish Ruggish” (DJ Sliink Remix)

Ludacris – “When I Move You Move” (Clicks & Whistles Bootleg)

Dr. Luke & Cirkut – “Strange Clouds” (Dubbel Dutch Grime-Repair Edit)

Branko – “Going In Hard feat. Dominique Young Unique” (French Fries Remix)

Bone Thug-N-Harmony – “Days Of Our Livez” (Myrryrs Version)

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DJ Food

By Stuart | March 28, 2012

Artwork by Skot Olsen

DJ Food 4 Zipped Up. [130mb zipfile]

Destiny’s Child – “Say My Name” (Palace Remix)

5kinAndBone5 – “Skype D8″

Sweater Beats – “Anxious”

Boston Bun – “Dorkness”

HxdB & Self Evident – “New Stylee” (SUBCORR vs HxdB VIP)

Los Rakas – “Pimpin Smokin Dro Ft. E-40″ (Napsty Remix)

Tyga – “Rack City” (Mak & Pasteman Bootleg)

Machinedrum – “Updowndownup”

James Fox – “New Jack Swing” (Sean Roman Edit)

Destiny’s Child – “Bills Bills Bills” (Phuturistix Remix)

Canblaster & Nightwave – “Power Up”

5kinAndBone5 VS. Top8Friends – “Tachikoma Twerk”

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DJ Food

By Stuart | February 6, 2012

Artwork by Kilian Eng

DJ Food 3 Zipped Up. [95mb zipfile]

Enchante – “Sex On The Beach”

Ryan Leslie – “The Way That You Move Girl” (Chaos In The CBD Bootleg)

The Weeknd – “Crew Love” (Vin Sol & 5kinAndBone5 Remix)

Bad Autopsy – “Rut (Nice ‘n’ Slow)”

Boddika – “Up and Dance”

DJ Sliink – “Bend That”

Dorrough Music – “Bounce Dat” (LOL Boys Re-Edit)

Phreshy – “Puff Puff Pass” (Machinedrum Remix)

KRS-One – “Sound of Da Police” (Reilly Steel Remix)

Notorious B.I.G. – “Going Back to Cali” (Eprom Edit)

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Joaquin Bartra – Winter Mix

By Stuart | January 12, 2012

1. Miguel Campbell – Something Special (Hot Creations).
2. Tanner Ross – B-Side (No. 19)
3. DJ Funeral – Bounce Dat (BODY HIGH).
4. Eliphino – More Than Me (Somethinksounds).
5. Astronomar – One Two Bootleg (CDR).
6. Mount Kimbie – Carbonated (Chris James Refix) (CDR).
7. George Fitzgerald- Shackled (Hotflush).
8. Daniel Klauser – Dance and Disaster (Get Flavor).
9. A1 Bassline – Buoyancy (Dirtybird).
10. Deborah Cox – It’s Over (Dubbel Dutch Remix) (Dutty Artz).
11. Jim-E Stack – Come Between (Forthcoming Good Years).
12. DJ Ghost Pepper – #4LIFE (BODY HIGH).
13. Sinjin Hawke & DJ Sliink – Gas Pump (CDR).
14. 5kinAndBone5 ft. YG – Stomp (Cedaa Remix) (Grizzly).
15. Kirko Bangz – Drank in My Cup

Could you give us some info about your history with music?

I grew up in Peru, rotating between SF and Lima throughout the year. Living in South America really exposed me to the sounds that have shaped the music I’m into now.

I was a band kid for a good part of my life, playing the saxophone in various jazz bands and orchestras. I was listening to a lot of hip-hop also, so naturally I started digging for jazz records. My interest for dance music was also growing, so eventually I started DJing. Being a DJ feels a lot cooler than being a band kid.

For the past couple years, I’ve been DJing with a good homie under SOSOSOON. Along the way, I’ve been able to meet a lot of great people. I help run a marketing agency with my older sister, so the overlap between music and our work is creating some really exciting opportunities. The business and creative sides of music don’t always get to interact as much as I think they should, but that’s paving the way for what’s to come. I got some tricks up my sleeve.

There seem to be a lot of new labels popping up at the moment, could you tell us which ones are catching your ear?

It’s really great to see all these labels grow, especially in the USA, with Body High and Fade 2 Mind. Samo Soundboy and Jerome LOL Boys have done an great job at curating the Body High sound; its music made for the club. There’s a lot of stuff coming from those guys in the future that I’m really excited about. Fade 2 Mind has also been holding it down for America. They’ll be putting out EP’s from Cedaa and Clicks & Whistles that are going to be really good. There’s another dope label coming out of Chile called Diamante. The South American homies have some really nice stuff brewing over there.

What other artists are you currently feeling?

There’s a lot of exciting music coming out right now, but there are definitely some artists that stand out; they’ve been able to define their sound, yet still continue to explore it. Dubbel Dutch has consistently been on the top of my list for a while now. Brenmar has been making club bangers for females, dancefloor killers. There’s a group of young cats who’s sound has been maturing very nicely as well. Cedaa has been making some great music for a while. The kid Jim-E Stack has a great EP coming out this week I believe. Astronomar is also a name you’ll want to pay attention to.

San Francisco has been busy in 2011, do you feel that living in a city with a healthy scene gives you an edge?

Living in a city with a “scene” is really important in any creative project. You’re constantly influenced by your surroundings, so having a creative environment definitely inspires your ideas, subconsciously more than anything. For how much we like to complain about SF, there’s a lot of great things going on here. The Icee Hot and Lights Down Low parties have brought pretty much every artist you’d want to see in the “bass” world. I think we have some momentum that is going to continue to grow, until we all move to New York at least.

Can you give us some context to this mix?

I recorded this mix at 4am in New York City. It’s a collection of songs I’ve been vibing to this winter. Some older stuff, some new stuff, some stuff that’s not out. Deep winter vibes you can chill to, dance to, or fuck to. I hope you do all three to it at some point.

Make sure to catch Joaquin along with 5kinAndBone5 and the whole Club Cheval crew at 103 Harriet on Friday the 13th

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DJ Food

By Stuart | November 9, 2011

“Leslie had flirted with death before, but this time he had caught up to her, and with his icy, steel grip on her pulse she could feel him draining her life away by the second.”

artwork by Patrick Turk

DJ Food 2 Zipped Up. [100mb zipfile]

ASAP Rocky – “Purple Swag” (Jim-E Stack Bootleg)

YG feat. Smurfie Syco – “Bitch I’m Psychic” (5kinAndBone5 VIP Remix)

Lloyd – “Lay it Down” (Dubbel Dutch Remix)

Azealia Banks – “P-U-S-S-Y Ft. 77KLASH” (Machinedrum Remix)

Drake – “I’m On One” (Sinjin Hawke Remix)


Groove Theory – “Tell Me” (George FitzGerald Remix)

Jacques Greene – “Motivation”

Everything But The Girl – “Missing” (Todd Terry Remix) (NKC edit)

Two Inch Punch – “Luv Luv”

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5kinAndBone5 – Altered Carbon

By Stuart | October 15, 2011

artwork by Secret Feature

In anticipation of their upcoming Grizzly release, 5kinAndBone5 have put together a tribute to the darker more ominous palettes of electronic music that inspire them.  Armed with disparate post-apocalyptic futurism, Altered Carbon is a journey into the depths of their psyches.   With copious collaborative efforts involving Sinden, Brenmar, Vin Sol, Jess Jubilee, and Star Eyes underway it’s clear these two have some mysterious sonic vibes awaiting us all.

5kinAndBone5 – “Altered Carbon Mix”

1. Lil Louis – Video Clash
2. Bakongo – Bambara
3. Fis-T – Night Hunter
4. Babe Rainbow – Greed (5kinAndBone5 Remix)
5. Wheez-ie – Fuck Yer Shit
6. Pangaea – Hex
7. Phil Kieran And Jochem Paap – Paint And Chemicals Dept.
8. CZR – Undagrounddiscofunk
9. Plastikman – Spastik
10. 5kinAndBone5 – Rap Died (But I’m Alive)
11. Rob Hood – The Pace
12. Joey Beltram – Ball Park
13. Danny Tenaglia – Elements / The Beats
14. Galaxy 2 Galaxy – Hi-Tech Jazz (The Science)
15. Maurizio – Untitled

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Frite Nite – Surreal Estate

By Stuart | October 5, 2011

The San Francisco based label, Frite Nite, has just released the 13th installment in their catalog, a compilation of tracks carefully selected and mixed by the Bay Area’s own Ana Sia.  Surreal Estate is a “collection of tribal-influenced space dance grooves, progressive footwork, modern electro funk, and UK-centric dubstep rhythms”, that transcend space and time as well as modern perceptions of the American bass scene.  The highly anticipated release is available in multiple formats including a 12″ sampler with digital download, or both mixed and unmixed versions on the Frite Nite website.  Not to mention it boasts appropriately Escher-esque cover art by Kilian Eng and productions from Distal, EPROM, Starkey, Cosmic Revenge, B. Bravo, Comma, Sepalcure, and label head Salva.  And if you happen to be in San Francisco on October 22nd don’t miss the release party at Mezzanine.  Check out the mix below.

Surreal Estate: Compiled & Mixed by Ana Sia by Fritenite on Mixcloud

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DJ Food

By Stuart | July 30, 2011

I thought I would share some of my favorite edits, remixes, and DJ tools as of late.

artwork by Chris Henry original photo by Tamara Lichtenstein

DJ Food Zipped Up. [111mb zipfile]

Theophilus London – “Flying Overseas” (Soul Clap Efunk Mix)

Blackalicious – “Make You Feel That Way” (Kutcorners 808 Remix)

702 – “Steelo” (LOL Boys & Sinjin Hawke Remix)

R Kelly – “The Zoo” (Turbo P Edit)

Aaliyah – “Are You That Somebody?” (Cedaa Remix)

DJ Jonty – “Grindin” (Kastle’s Edit of an Edit)

Ashanti – “Fancy” (Brenmar Remix)

NGUZUNGUZU – “Mirage” (Jim-E Stack Remix)

Brenmar – “Let Me Know (Tasting)” (5kinAndBone5 & Vin Sol Garage & Patio Remix)

Ginuwine – “Differences’11 by Kavsrave”

Deadboy – “Down On My Mind”

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Hooliganship – Adventure

By Stuart | July 17, 2011

The Cartune Xprez is a video label that puts out a DVD every couple of years filled with animations and video loops. And Hooliganship is one of many talented video artists to be featured on the series. In this video band practice is cut short by a surprise adventure that takes us deep into the minds of a pizza partier and a homeless prince.

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Visual Velcro

By Stuart | June 4, 2011

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Cosmic Revenge – Palms Out Mix

By Stuart | May 31, 2011

Cosmic Revenge has put together a new mix for Palms Out in honor of the approaching summer.  With releases on labels like L2S, Kursed, PartyGuy, Embassy, and Fortified it’s no surprise that this mix covers so much ground.  Oozing with Future Soul and his signature warm sounds, the mix takes you on a ride with it’s West Coast nostalgia vibes before dropping you off at the club for some bass therapy.  An excellent example of the variety one can expect from a night out in the Bay.

Cosmic Revenge – “Palms Out Mix”

Atlantis – All Night (Dub)
Cosmic Revenge – Memories [Forthcoming Car Crash Set]
Sentinels – Love Rhythm (L2S)
Cosmic Revenge – Last of the Tribe (Dub)
Lucid – Based (Cosmic Revenge Remix) [Forthcoming Pelican Fly]
Kingthing – You Know (Dub)
Hot City – Twist (Chopped Dub)
Dubbel Dutch – Dead Pool (Enchufada)
Distal – Short & Sweet (Dub)
Cosmic Revenge – Crystal Skies (Dub)
The Weeknd – High for This (NastyNasty 808 Edit)
Cosmic Revenge – Infinite (Dub)
Salva – Weird Science (Friends of Friends)
UGK – Swishas and Doshas (Jive)

So how did you get your start DJing and producing?

In high school I was really into Hip hop. Everything from Stones Throw, to East Coast shit like Masta Ace, and more well known classics like Bone Thugs and Dr. Dre. Then I got into DJ Shadow and I heard he made Endtroducing with all samples from records and recorded it into Pro Tools, so I saved up for Pro Tools and the MBox2, and I had this ghetto Sony turntable that I would sample vinyl from.

What piece of equipment do you use the most in the studio?

Right now it’s my Roland Juno-6, everyone talks about how they love analog gear and all this shit, and after getting this I know exactly what they mean. It’s just so much fun and sparks more creativity when you have to learn how to program a synth yourself instead of clicking on presets. And it has almost a light hiss sound that people attribute the warmth too, it just sounds great.

How would you describe your sound to someone with a limited knowledge of electronic music?

My sound, it’s hard because I jump around so much… but I’d say it’s a hybrid of Hip hop, UK garage, P-Funk, House, and club that doesn’t take itself too seriously and strives to keep the girls on the dancefloor moving.

Who are your favorite producers at the moment?

Damn, too many haha lets see… I really like all the dudes from Club Cheval, they’re killing it. I love everything Distal does, I like how he throws random and weird sound effects and samples to give it personality, and his bass is always extremely on point. Clicks & Whistles. I’m also really into the Frite Nite crew, Comma is about to release an EP that is really dope. I’m also really feeling the dudes that are a part of Pelican Fly that I just did a remix for, Mister Tweeks, Richelle, and Lucid. Theres so many more worth mentioning but those are ones that really stick out for me. And of course Julio Bashmore, every song that dude makes is such a jam.

What effect has the Bay Area had on you musically?

It’s grounded into me the love and appreciation for bass. Starting with all the west coast hip hop and hyphy when I was in high school, and now with the UK influence taking over the big nights in the city. It all revolves around that deep chest rattling bass. It’s also sparked diversity for me, I can’t sit still with my music, that’s what I love about the bay, just so many different sounds and they’re all accepted.

Do you have any records dropping soon?

Yeah I have a single coming out on Car Crash Set with a remix from Ratcatcher of C.R.S.T., then I have a remix for Lucid coming out on Pelican Fly, and a single coming out on the Frite Nite compilation, and lastly I have a single coming out on Freshmore.

There are a lot of new net labels popping up lately, which ones stand out in your mind?

lol obviously a bit biased but Car Crash, Pelican Fly, Night Shifters, Embassy, also every Sound Pellegrino release is huge.

Is there a story behind Cosmic Revenge?

I wish I had some cool story to give you, but it was just something I came up with a few years ago in lack of a better name, and since people started to know me as that I just decided to stick with it.

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Teeth – Shawty

By Stuart | May 5, 2011

Teeth is the alias of Helsinki based producer, Matti Pentikainen, most famous for his work with Finnish hip-hop outfit Ceebrolistics.  His sound has been quite accurately described by Teki Latex as, “northern light-induced-clap-trap-house”.  And the forthcoming Shawty 12″ out May 16th on Oneman’s 502 imprint, boasts an impressive 2-Step remix by former sushi chef Falty DL.  Here are two video mixes of the tracks to tide you over until it gets released.

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Space Cakes

By Stuart | May 2, 2011

The Bay Area duo of R-Cade & Smoovgroovs have put together a free EP of three proper future funky joints for your listening pleasure.  The Space Cakes EP borrows elements from past and future to bring you the present.  The first track, “Galactic Boogie Funkerton,” struts along like a pimp in a space station while “Night Away” washes over you like waves from a cosmic beach.  But this is all just preparation for the refunk of Olivier Daysoul’s “Foolish” (originally produced by Oddisee).  If recent movements from artists like Dark Party, Velour, and Redinho are any indication of where Future Funk is headed then you might just have to grab your “Flash Light”.

[download The Space Cakes EP here]

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Nobody Beats The Drum – Grindin’

By Stuart | April 9, 2011

The Amsterdam trio Nobody Beats The Drum is on the cutting edge of electronic music performance. The combination of video and audio to create a unique live experience is nothing new, but the effort Rogier van der Zwaag (VJ), Jori Collignon (Keyboards), and Sjam Sjamsoedin (DJ) put into their project warrants a second look.  This sequence of 4085 photo’s was patiently arranged by Rogier van der Zwaag into a mesmerizing geometric adventure that is nothing short of amazing.  And don’t forget to purchase their new remix album, available at all good stores, because profits are going toward finishing their new full length.

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WIN WIN – Interleave

By Stuart | April 4, 2011

Alex “XXXChange” Epton, best known for producing MC Spank Rock’s album YoYoYoYoYo, has teamed up with long time friend Chris Devlin and video collagist Ghostdad on their new project WIN WIN.  The self titled debut album from the Brooklyn-based trio features guest vocalists like Andrew WK, Lizzie Bugatsos, and Alexis Taylor of Hot Chip, whose collaboration “Interleave” was the subject for Director Colin Devin Moore’s new video.  Apparently the footage of Alexis Taylor featured in the video was taken inside of a janitors closet during soundcheck, and subsequently transformed by Moore into a visually stunning tour de force.

WIN WIN – “Interleave feat. Alexis Taylor” (XXXChange’s 1993 mix)

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