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Posts by Urchins

Wrapped in Plastic

By Urchins | November 11, 2010

Stopmakingme has been bubbling away in the DJ scene for a jolly long time now, and he is finally dropping his debut EP on Kill Em All Records in a couple of weeks.

The press release cites, amongst other things, Italo Disco, Krautrock, Hot Mix 5, Tiga, and Factory Floor. If that sounds like something you’d like to listen to – then check out the tracks and mixtape – and go camp outside your local online record-shop with thermos flasks, sleeping bags and a LOT of baby wipes to be first in line to grab the EP on November 22nd!

Stopmakingme – ‘Discuss’ (192)

Stopmakingme – ‘Hot Pepper Sauce’ (192)

Stopmakingme – ‘K & Big V’ (192)

Stopmakingme – Autumn 2010 Mix by stopmakingme

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Higher Place

By Urchins | October 31, 2010

Keith & Supabeatz are fast establishing themselves as some of the hottest new producers in the game, and are almost definitely going to blow up in 2011. Check out their new EP on Southern Fried – each track is different to the last and it’s hard to pick a favourite. Saying that, my favourite is ‘Empty Swings’. Exclusive on Beatport for the next week, go grab it; and check out their supporting mixtape on Mixcloud.

Keith & Supabeatz – Higher Place Mixtape

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By Urchins | October 21, 2010

Every so often we come across someone who has the stage presence that makes you stop and pay a bit of attention. Having been compared to Kate Bush and Karen O (that would be a fairly strong front-woman, thinking about it) it’s pretty clear that Saintsaviour is keeping good company. She’s the woman behind a lot of the vocals on Groove Armada’s last album and she’s spent the past year touring with the guys pushing ‘Black Light’ – getting a whole bunch of fans along the way. With the tour all finished, she’s taken it upon herself to do some solo work – her debut single ‘Woman Scorned’ was released on Euphonios last week to some really strong critical acclaim and we’re really excited to be able to dish out the ‘returning a favour’ remix that Groove Armada did for the single; it’s 8 minutes that will go down well just about anywhere (with a dancefloor). Make sure to keep an eye out for Becky; we imagine she’ll be front centre a lot more very soon.

Saintsaviour – “Scorned” (Groove Armada’s Timewarp Dub)

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Auditory Learning with Santiago & Bushido

By Urchins | October 21, 2010

Two favourite Chicago based DJs: Santiago & Bushido are back with a super tight mixtape that we just can’t help but re-listen to, again and again. Fresh off the back of their collaboration with the frankly legendary Green Velvet – “Turn It Up” and a whole host of stuff, already released and some forthcoming, on Cajual Records – Tim hooked us up with their remix of CZR’s “Obscure” and an original track which we highly recommend you jump on!

Santiago & Bushido – “Auditory Learning Mixtape”

Santiago & Bushido “All That I Can Say”

CZR – “Obscure” (Santiago & Bushido Remix)

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Disco of Doom

By Urchins | August 23, 2010

Disco of Doom are one of the hottest production duos to emerge in the past 12 months – with a couple of huge EP’s (including ‘The Click’) already having attracted the attention of a wide range of DJs; from Pete Tong to Ettiene De Crecy through Fake Blood and a host more in between. Today marks the release of ‘Engine’ EP on Gung Ho Records – a two track stomper that won’t sound out of place in some of the biggest rooms in the world – ‘Sex Face’ is our personal favourite and has been going down a storm recently, so we asked  them to put together a mixtape especially for you – check it out!

Disco Of Doom – Palms Out Sounds August Mixtape

1: Aeroplane ‘Superstar’ (The Krays RMX) Wall Of Sound
2: Boy8Bit ‘Yardbirds’ Turbo
3: Disco Of Doom ‘Sex Face’ Gung Ho
4: KLAM ‘Funky4′ Martin Brothers RMX
5: LA Riots ‘The Drop’ Fools Gold
6: The 2Bears ‘Mercy Time’ (Supabeatz RMX) Southern Fried
7: Julian Jewel ‘Error’ (Electric Rescue RMX)
8: The Chemical Brothers ‘Horse Power’ (Popof RMX)
9: John Aquaviva pres Swen Webber ‘First Stroke’ Disco Of Doom RMX
10: Bart B More ‘Brap’ BNR
11: Arveen & Misk ‘Eavesdropper’
12: Gucci Vump ‘Shashtalism’ Sound Pellegrino

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After Dark / Sexy Dancing

By Urchins | August 20, 2010

So this week marks the first release from Count & Sinden‘s forthcoming album Mega Mega Mega; and they couldn’t really have picked a better track to start with. ‘After Dark’ has been all over the radio waves in recent weeks; its not every day that an afro-beat, bongo laden backing track with the irrepressibly catchy vocals of Mystery Jets gets mainstream attention, and the signs are good that we’re going to get plenty more crossover hits from the album we’ve been waiting on forever! To celebrate the release, Josh is giving away a track from another of his (732) aliases – Voodoo Chili. Grab it and cling on to summer for a few more days (minutes), then check out ‘After Dark’ and if you like, go support it and help push it into the charts! With people like Katy B, Magnetic Man and Riva Starr pushing into the top 40, this is a really exciting time for electronic music in the UK, and long may it continue.

Voodoo Chilli – ‘Ya Dance So Sexy Bebe’

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Nock Nock? Who’s There…

By Urchins | July 5, 2010

Today we got sent a mixtape that deserved a little attention. It came via carrier pigeon, covered in coal and reeking of Yorkshire Pudding. At first we were confused, but then it all became clear; this was a mix from someone from up NORTH. Apparently that’s how it goes down up there. Anyway, tenuous stereotypes aside; this is a top quality mix from Nockall which takes a trip through all that is happening right now in the world of house, and some of the most prolific labels and producers in the game at the minute. Taking in people like Camel, Sebastian Leger and Ramon Tapia as well as Mowgli and Teki Latex; Nockers shows a great ear for a tune – which comes as no surprise when you know that he is head honcho of promo taste-makers Your Army. Go check him out, but be sure to carry some sort of translation dictionary.

Nockall – ‘July Mix’

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Machines Can Do The Work

By Urchins | July 2, 2010

It’s pretty much a nailed on fact that by now you’ll know all about Fatboy Slim‘s collaboration with Cheap Thrills label head and all-around busy chap Hervé. It’s called Machines Can Do The Work and it’s a cacophony of acid licks, weird old school rave and a sample from which the track name stems. It’s been pretty big already upon its release on Skint, and the remix EP is soon to follow. The Supabeatz mix which we posted a while ago had to be taken down, but we make it up for you all now with the ever dependable Reset! remix; the guys seem to have taken a step up with this one and added a dancefloor destroying bassline to go with their ever-present ‘turbofunk’ structuring! Big big things, check it! Also, Josh asked us to let you guys know about the Cheap Thrills mailing list – and the fact that if you sign up to it you can get your mitts on an exclusive 13 track mixtape featuring a whole bunch of label stuff mixed by the man himself. Worth a peek too! Get in on the act HERE.

Fatboy Slim & Herve – ‘Machines Can Do The Work’ (Reset! Remix)

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Hitting the Reset! Button

By Urchins | June 14, 2010

So here at Palms Out we’re pretty big on bigging up those big names that weren’t so big when we bigged them up back in the old days. It seems obvious here to use a previously aforementioned adjective to describe the Italian collective who we’ve supported since way back when, but we’re going to avoid it. Mainly because they’ve actually outgrown that term now and soon will be categorised as ‘massive’. We can hardly wait. With huge remixes for Cassius, Fenech Soler and Alex Metric all firmly under their belt, they have funk inspired reworkings of Fatboy Slim & Herve, Crookers and Lee Mortimer & Foamo ready to unleash. All of which are guaranteed to be huge this summer! To celebrate their new found glory; we’re giving away an exclusive new remix, an older gem and a brand new mixtape – grab them all!

Graffiti 6 – Annie You Save Me (Reset! Remix)

Hervé – Blaze It (Reset! Remix)

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Remix Sunday 146

By Urchins | April 25, 2010

“Proverbs often contradict one another, as any reader soon discovers.  The sagacity that advises us to look before we leap promptly warns us that if we hesitate we are lost; that absence makes the heart grow fonder, but out of sight, out of mind.” 
Leo Rosten

Remix Sunday 146 Zipped Up. [160mb zipfile]

image/ mohammad golchin

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Gehts Noch

By Urchins | March 13, 2010

Belgium has always punched way over it’s weight in the music world; with Soulwax and Aeroplane flying the electronic flag in recent years. The latest wave of production talent to emerge from the heart of the European Union are people like Sound of Stereo, Highbloo and today’s bloggees Geht’s Noch. A quick look at their myspace will show you that; far from being new to the game – these guys have been at the forefront of the Belgian scene for a couple of years and are consistently playing huge parties. They’ve already seen an EP released on Level 75 (featuring a Congorock remix, no less) do super well, and their latest offering won’t disappoint either. ‘Horny EP’, with a remix from fellow Belgian and Boys Noize records member Keatch, have been firmly in our CD wallets for a while now; check out the original track and a mixtape!

Geht’s Noch – ‘Horny’

Geht’s Noch – ‘Horny Promo Mixtape’

Tracklisting after the jump….

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Eskimo Twins

By Urchins | February 18, 2010

With one of the best names I’ve heard for a while, this outfit already had my attention well before their music had finished downloading onto my macbook. It would be  a much more romantic story to imagine that this track was genuinely produced by two brothers wearing sealskin, using whale bones, in an igloo somewhere in the deepest reaches of the North Pole (apologies for any factual inaccuracies in what I just described.) The real story, though, is that with a mutual appreciation of everything from acid, techno and a “lingering teenage love” of metal – came the formation of Eskimo Twins, in the somewhat warmer climet of Leeds, England. Fast-forward two years and they are still holding down a residency at Wax:On, one of the countries most recognised clubbing brands, and have a couple of well recieved EP’s under their belt to go with the mountain of huge names they perform alongside on a regular basis. We predict big things for these guys in 2010!

Cassette Jam – ‘Never Going Home’ (Eskimo Twins Remix)

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By Urchins | January 23, 2010

The newest release on Southern Fried Records is from Manchester based Irishman Audiofun; whose hard work and ear for a solid beat has garnered attention from some of the big players in the ever expanding ‘electro’ scene (although his EP is reviewed in the ‘Warehouse’ music section of a music mag next month; anyone care to shed light on that!?). This Audiofun EP shows a huge variety of influences, from techno through to tribal and back through the ‘dutch house’ scene that really took hold in 2009 – the result is a solid first release from a dude who you should be keeping an eye on in 2010! Enjoy a couple of low-quality versions of his EP tracks, and a mixtape before making your way over to Beatport to snag the real things! Tracklisting after the juuuump!

AudioFun – “Drop It”

AudioFun – “Get Down”

Audiofun – “January 2010 Promo Mix”

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By Urchins | January 7, 2010

Fabric has a fairly long running tradition of hugely successful nights being ran by hugely successful musicians, so it’s a pretty smart move to keep up to date with the movers and shakers over in Farringdon. Running ‘Kill Em All’ with the now borderline mahoosive Filthy Dukes, whilst manning the tills at legendary music shop Pure Groove is Stopmakingme – a young upstart with designs on producing the music that he so deftly mixes on a regular basis on some of the country’s biggest nights.

With a selection policy of “unwashed heavy electro, mutant new wave, huge disco, pulsing techno, updated post-punk and perfect pop” it was always going to be an interesting foray – and the new remix of Sisters of Transistors track Solar Disco manages to encapsulate pretty much all of the aforementioned descriptions! Keep an eye out for a debut EP in 2010 and check out his January Mixtape to see what you can expect to see in a Stopmakingme set very soon!

Sisters of Transistors – “Solar Disco” (Stopmakingme Remix)

Stopmakingme – “Off Modern Mix”

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Solo Loves Garage?!

By Urchins | December 10, 2009


Solo has come a long way from the 14 year old who made a habit of ‘smoking spliffs and doing dodgy heavy metal covers’ to being the forefather of a hugely exciting ‘midget’ sub-genre and a producer who’s tunes have found their way into the record bags of DJ’s at the top of their game in practically every scene. Like his countrymen Mowgli and Riva Starr, Solo makes the sort of music that will go down well in practically any clubbing environment – so it comes as no surprise that he’s now starting to remix and produce original bits with some heavy hitters. The latest reworking is of UK-Grime King ‘Wiley‘, and features a sample from the haunting White Town track ‘(Never Be) Your Woman’ – a track that I’ve not heard in years! Be sure to follow Stefan on Twitter and, if you can bring yourself to log in, Myspace!

Wiley – “Never Be Your Woman” (Solo Loves Garage Remix)

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